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      88.18 billion! The 48 projects were signed at the Xuzhou Investment and Trade
      Date:2021-12-09 11:24:43 Click:

      During the 24th Investment Fair in Xuzhou, China in 2021, the city has selected 48 projects for signing, with a total investment of 88.18 billion yuan and a foreign investment of US$1.21 billion. Among them, 40 are six strategic emerging industry projects (16 construction machinery and intelligent equipment projects, 8 integrated circuit and ICT projects, 8 new energy projects, 2 new materials projects, and 6 biomedicine and general health projects), The investment amounted to 69.77 billion yuan, accounting for 79.1%; there were 5 modern service industry projects, with an investment amount of 8.61 billion yuan, accounting for 9.8%; 3 traditional industry projects, with an investment amount of 9.8 billion yuan, accounting for 11.1%.

      On the morning of October 28, the Comprehensive Investment Promotion Conference of the 24th China Xuzhou Investment Fair 2021 was held grandly. Merchants and guests from home and abroad who participated in project signing, visits and investigations, and cooperation negotiations gathered together to write a new chapter in Xuzhou's development. This conference selected a batch of projects with high quality, excellent structure and new characteristics to be signed. The specific projects are as follows:

      Construction Machinery and Intelligent Equipment Project

      The high-end CNC machine tool R&D and production project invested by Shandong Fruit Machine Tool Co., Ltd. in Fengxian;

      The key parts production project of construction machinery invested by Jining Yongwang Machinery Co., Ltd. in Feng County;

      The R&D and production project of precision honing machine invested by Beijing Dazu Tongjin Machinery Co., Ltd. in Feng County;

      Shandong Dingliang Fire Fighting Technology Co., Ltd. invested in the high-end intelligent fire protection product project in Peixian;

      The display module product production project invested by Yangzhou Gangxin Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. in Suining County;

      The automotive electronics R&D and manufacturing project invested by Mande Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd. in Pizhou City;

      The automobile piston manufacturing project invested by Jiangsu Kaiyuan Dachuan Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Pizhou City;

      Xiamen Xiangyu Group and Xuzhou Baoyuan Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. invested in the intelligent manufacturing project of Xiangyu Baoyuan machinery and vehicle core components in Tongshan District;

      The German KION forklift production line project invested by the German KION Group in Tongshan District;

      Jiangsu Bafang Safety Relief Device Experiment and Manufacturing Base Project invested by Jiangsu Bafang Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. in Quanshan District;

      Shandong Jinli Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. invested in the project with an annual output of 50,000 sets of high-pressure oil cylinders, pumps and valves in Xuzhou Economic Development Zone;

      The intelligent control panel project invested by Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems Company in Xuzhou Economic Development Zone;

      The aerospace information industrialization project invested by Aerospace Hongtu Information Technology Co., Ltd. in Xuzhou High-tech Zone;

      The precision auto parts production project invested by Anhui Yutong Precision Steel Tube Co., Ltd. in Xuzhou High-tech Zone;

      Commercial vehicle axle and core parts manufacturing project invested by Meritor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in Xuzhou High-tech Zone;

      Jiangsu Bide Technology Rail Transit Equipment R&D and production project invested by Jiangsu Bide Technology Co., Ltd. in Xixu Industrial Park.

      Integrated Circuit and ICT Industry Project

      The semiconductor discrete device project invested by Shanghai Liangzheng Industrial Co., Ltd. in Peixian;

      The Xinyi Zhiweisi electronic digital product manufacturing project invested by Dongguan Zhiweisi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in Xinyi City;

      The photoelectric integrated chip design center project invested by Xuzhou Guangyin Technology Development Co., Ltd. in Gulou District;

      An annual output of 1.2 million (6 inches) large-size piezoelectric wafers project invested by Tiantong Holding Co., Ltd. in Xuzhou Economic Development Zone;

      Xinmao Group Co., Ltd. invested in Xuzhou Economic Development Zone 32 to 100-inch ultra-large LCD bonding project;

      Xinjuhong Optical Communication Precision Parts Project invested by Wuxi Xinjuhong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. in Xuzhou Economic Development Zone;

      Beijing Tianke Heda Semiconductor Co., Ltd. invested in the project with an annual output of 140,000 silicon carbide wafers in Xuzhou Economic Development Zone;

      Xuzhou Xinhongfeng Electronics Co., Ltd. invested in the research and development and intelligent manufacturing of magnetic components in Xixu Industrial Park.

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      New energy and new material industry projects

      The new energy project of China Coal Photovoltaic Power Generation invested by Shanghai Datun Energy Co., Ltd. in Peixian;

      The 5GW ultra-efficient back contact (MWT) module project invested by Wuxi Industrial Development Group Co., Ltd. in Pizhou;

      The Fengchi sodium-based solid new material and new energy manufacturing project invested by Jiangsu Fengchi Carbon-based New Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd. in Pizhou;

      The Xinyi Xinguan warp knitting material production base project invested by Huzhou Xinguan Textile Technology Co., Ltd. in Xinyi City;

      Xinyi Zhongfu Daming New Energy Equipment Production Base Project invested by Zhongfu Daming Group Co., Ltd. in Xinyi City;

      The 1 million AH polymer lithium ion battery R&D and production project invested by Hunan Yutuo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in Xuzhou Economic Development Zone;

      New energy smart power exchange equipment manufacturing projects invested by State Power Investment Group Co., Ltd., Wuxi Lansidun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. in Xuzhou High-tech Zone;

      Biomedicine and general health, food and

      Agricultural and Sideline Products Processing Industry Project

      The research and development and industrialization projects of new biomedical materials invested by Fujian Newburgh Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in Peixian County;

      Shandong Longfeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. invested in the production and planting of biological health products in Suining County;

      The medical device production project invested by Jiangsu Zilai Medical Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in Suining County;

      Snack food production base project invested by Dehong Hougu Coffee Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Pilezi Food Co., Ltd. in Tongshan District;

      Shanghai Electric's high-end medical equipment and high-value medical consumables industrial base project invested by Shanghai Electric Medical Group in Gulou District;

      Xuzhou Rui Ci Rui Peng Physical Examination Center Project invested by Xuzhou Rui Ci Rui Peng Physical Examination Center Co., Ltd. in Yunlong District;

      Kuoran Biomedical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. invested in the R&D and production project of molecular diagnostic testing instruments and kits in the port area.

      Modern service industry and other industrial projects

      Xinyi Youhe Cold Chain Logistics Smart Industrial Park invested by Youhe Group Co., Ltd. in Xinyi City;

      The Dynasty Home Furnishing Production R&D and Sales Center project invested by Dynasty Home Furnishing Holdings Co., Ltd. in Jiawang District;

      The Huaihai Commercial Vehicle Industry Exhibition and Experience Center project invested by Chongqing Xiexin Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. and Yiyun Co., Ltd. in Jiawang District;

      400,000 tons of stainless steel capillary pipes and 400,000 tons of stainless steel finished pipe projects invested by Jiangsu Delong Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. in Jiawang District;

      Huai’an Water Conservancy Holding Group Co., Ltd. invested in the Jiuyue Commercial Street District commercial complex project in Yunlong District; Qingdao Shangyu Industrial Group Co., Ltd. invested in the minus 60 degrees ultra-low temperature cold storage project in Quanshan District;

      CIMC Kaitong Logistics Development Co., Ltd. invested in the international container assembly center project in the port area.

      Source: Investment in Xuzhou

      Source: Semiconductor Today

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