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              Products List
            D-Calcium Pantothenate
            Folic Acid
            D.O.T Zoalene
            Thiamine hydrochloride (Vitamin B1)
            Thiamine Nitrate(salt) (Vitamin B1)
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             Vitamin B2

            Commodity Name: Vitamin B2
            Chemical Name: 7,8-Dimethyl-10-[(2S,3S,4R)-2,3,4,5-tetrahydroxypentyl]benzo[g]pteridine-2,4(3H,10H)-dione. 
            Other Name: Riboflavin
            CAS: 83-88-5
            M.F.: C17H20N4O6 
            M.W.: 376.36
            Structural Formula: 
            Properties: Yellow or orange-yellow, crystalline powder. Slightly soluble in water, practically insoluble in alcohol.  Solutions deteriorate on exposure to light, especially in the presence of alkali.
            Item Index

            Contents (ON DRY MATERIAL)


            Specific optical rotation (dried substance)


            Loss on drying

            ≤ 1.5%

            Sulphated ash

            ≤ 0.1%

            Uses: Feed additive ,food additive. pharmaceutical USP29/BP2007

            Packing: 25kg/fiber drum ,or 25kg/carton,or according to customers'  requirement

            Storage: In an airtight container , protected from light.

            Period of validity: In an airtight container, Three years

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