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            D-Calcium Pantothenate
            Folic Acid
            D.O.T Zoalene
            Thiamine hydrochloride (Vitamin B1)
            Thiamine Nitrate(salt) (Vitamin B1)
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            Chemical group: Pro-benzimidazole
            Chemical Name: [2-(methoxy kharophen)-4-(benzenesulfenyl)phenylcarbamidine]-diaminoacid dimethyl ester
            CAS: 58306-30-2
            Structural Formula:

            Structural Formula: white to pale yellow or a little pink unformed powder.
            Physical and properties:

            Chemical form
            solid , powder
            white to slightly yellow

            Dosage: one time dosage :25mg/kg(for treat giardia uses 3 times dosage )or l0 mg/kg for 3 days.
            Toxicity: dog LD50 more than 10000mg/kg
            Mode of action: adhere to tubulin units , disturb microscopicformation.
            Applicable parasite: ascarid, hookworm, whiupworm, cestode, giardia and so on.

            Item index:

            It em
            Solub lenses Ig sample dissolve in 10mi formic acid
            Authentication Compare the infrared absorption spectrum with standard spectrogram, if the wavelength is the same, then show the maximum.
            Loss on drying Do not surpass 1.0% (85°C. 3hrs)
            Range of melting point 125-128°C
            Sulfate ash content Do not surpass0.5%.
            Heavy metal Do not surpass20ppm.
            Chromatographically purity Do not lower than 98.0%, several impurities are not higher than 1. 0% , the impurity total weight is not higher than 2.0%
            Content count on dry goods, is 98-102%(HPLC or analysis by titration).

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